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Topic Team Education

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Learning in a world tied to digital transformation
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Topic Initiator

Michael Shea
IoT means everything and nothing. The subject area is so broad that it can have any meaning at all. This is not good, it creates barriers for exchange of idea’s and can result in significant misperceptions between the different stakeholders in the conversation. By setting up a consistent education framework we can develop a uniform model that will address these concerns.


Topic Mentor


  • Isabella Andric
  • Bassem Elhifnawy
  • Ronan Kelly
  • Diethard Mahorka
  • Philipe Reinisch
  • Uwe Schimon
  • Christopher Temt
  • Michael Werzowa


  • Avni Bansal
  • Anna Berger
  • Gökhan Cebiroglu
  • Claudia Fally
  • Kseniya Khamina
  • Georg Gvozdanovic
  • Boštjan Jerko
  • Chansong Jeong
  • Andreas Kern
  • Simon Kranzer
  • Mario Müller
  • Sharon Olson
  • Sergiu Petean
  • Antonius Schick
  • Rahav Shalom-Revivo
  • Michael Shea
  • Georg Singer
  • Deborah Walker


This topic team intends to explore the effect of technology on the ways education is conducted at various levels; grammar school, high school, university, polytechnics, and all the other forms that have sprouted since the introduction of digitalization within this domain. We intend to look at the educational means we have at our disposal, the disparate societal needs present, and how we can utilize such knowledge for IoT internal and external purposes.

Current Situation

IoT is a very broad topic area with many opportunities but also many very large challenges (or as some may say “even bigger opportunities”). This breadth is reflected in the topic areas defined by IoT Austria. Today, there are many sources of high quality education/training available in both free (MOOCS’s and youtube video’s) and for fee (formal education classes) models. The opportunity for the IoT Education Topic Area is to create a framework that will bring consistency in approach and delivery. We are striving to leverage what is considered current best practices in the education field, practices that encourage interaction and engagement between the participants and education guides.

The Need - What Does this Topic Team Fulfilll?

With the definition of 11 topic areas, IoT Austria has taken up the challenge of structuring the amorphous state of IoT. This team will ensure that we maintain a level of quality and consistency in our presentations and education of IoT members and the general public.

Who Could Profit From This Topic Team?

The beneficiaries of the output of this team are twofold. First the target audiences (policy makers, business owners and engineering personnel) of any education efforts sponsored by IoT Austria and second the different topic areas of IoT Austria. The objective of the framework is to provide the guideposts for the subject matter experts to define seminar or course content and to set standards that will continue to establish IoT Austria’s presence in the IoT space.

What Value Does This Topic Team Produce?

This is an enabling team. By providing the framework, it will be up to the different topic team area’s to decide where existing education content should be leveraged versus creating specific new materials. This team will support and work with each topic team area to ensure that content has a consistent delivery mode and quality.

Goal - What Needs to be Done by When?

That is really up to the members of the topic team to decide all of this. Yes, you have the power. We hope to have a preliminary framework defined by early September 2017.

Success Criteria: How Will We Measure Our Results?

Success is measured on two dimensions. First the effectiveness of the framework, and second the effectiveness of the individual classes. The effectiveness of the framework should be measured through data collected from new course creators, as well as data collected from class attendees. The effectiveness of the individual class should be measured from data collected from class attendees.

What Is Expected from You?

In order for the framework to be successful, input is needed from the user community. If you join the Education Topic team we would expect you to participate in the framework workshops, and/or to provide feedback on framework proposals.

Which Roles Do We Have in Topic Teams?

  • INITIATOR: Had the idea for the topic team. Describes the concept of the topic team in order to kick-off the first discussions. Inspires the first people to join the topic team.
  • MENTOR: Sets the tone so that the members can create something beautiful. They accompany and empower to members to accomplish more than they ever thought was imaginable. Let's call this person a servant-leader
  • CONTRIBUTOR: Those who create self-organizing teams, define what they want to do….and make it happen
  • OBSERVER: Someone who is just curious and wants to learn more. Maybe they jump in later on, but that's up to them.

How Can You Participate in This Topic Team?

There are three possibilities:

  • Follow as an IoT Austria Observer what's going in in the topic teams.
  • Directly participate as an IoT Austria Contributor . Join the discussions and build something beautiful with others
  • Help the others becoming a topic team mentor

How do you start?

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