Become a speaker

What you could do to become a speaker for one of our events.

IoT Vienna is offering monthly talks: the IoT Talks. Every second month we will have the IoT Talks Special about a subtopic of the Internet of Things: eg. SmartHomeAutomation, SmartHealth, Industrie 4.0, SmartFarming.

Generally the IoT Talks will be on the first Wednesday of a month, 18:30-22:00. Scheduled IoT Talks and IoT Talks Specials you can find in our event calendar: Events.

Each IoT Talks has slots for four 20 min talks. Each talk will be followed by a 10 min Q&A and a 10 min break for socializing and 1:1-discussions.

We have the following categories of talks:

  • Technology (Hardware, Software, Informatics)
  • Background-Knowledge
  • Products (Solutions, Products, Services, Ideas, Projects, Visions, Use Cases)
  • Business (Startup-Stories, Marketing, Developing Process, Legals, Financing, Licences)
  • Public Interest (Ethics, Psychology, Politics, Legals, Economics, Values, Impact on Society)

If you want to give a talk, than please send us your proposal with

 * Title
 * Teaser-Picture (visual description of your topic)
 * Abstract
 * Language of your talk (eng/deu)
 * Additional links for further information
 * Speaker Name
 * Picture of the Speaker
 * Speaker Short-CV
 * Contact Information (Adress, Email, Twitter, Website) we will be allowed to publish
 * Your mobilephone number
 * Your favorite date for a talk

to this email address

Please have a look at our IoT Talk Guide (german).